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Thank you for spending time with my art, I'm so glad to have you here!
I curate vibrant experiences with artistic joy and passion. You have a creative vision I am confident I can make a reality. Let's collaborate and start an amazing partnership, together!
As a friend and multi-passionate artist,  I am the flavor of creativity you need- a resource for you in many ways. I will elevate your business by developing captivating aesthetics through illustration & design, hand-lettered signage, or painted murals. I will enhance your interior or exterior by curating an unforgettable atmosphere with beautiful, artistic elements.
I will bring beauty and energy into your space, capturing your audience. Together we will excel. My desire is to make your environment come alive with an engaging ambiance your clientele will intuitively adore, as they grow in their love for you! 
I want to hear about your dream, know what drives you, ways you are struggling, and how we can overcome it together: business, personal, or art-related.  Just leave your info and any questions you may have below, and let's connect! 

~ with joy and passion, 

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About Me


My full name is Katharine Ann Tompkin. I grew up in LA and live on the central coast in San Luis Obispo, CA. Since I grew up performing in show choir and musical theater; I spend my days prancing around the house serenading my miniature jungle, or out in nature singing to the hills. l have been blessed to experience world travel from a young age; and immediately found new people, art, food, and languages exciting. Similar to how theater and travel both engage my love for a good story, I create art with personal narratives and utilize design to help people and businesses communicate their own stories in a vibrant and colorful way.  
"I'm all about using my joy and passion
for the purpose of connecting